Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems

Developed in-house by our advanced autonomous driving R&D team, our proprietary software and proven hardware form the foundations for our innovative ADAS features.

Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems From the most advanced autonomous driving features to our unique Driver Coach in-car tuition, our knowledge of automotive AI can enhance everything from car safety and comfort to driver enjoyment and education while on track.

Developed over years and verified in our own hypercars, our advanced driver-assistance systems are rigorously designed and tested in-house before being released on the open road. Making its debut in our latest hypercar, the Nevera, our Driver Coach system leads the way in using AI for driving pleasure and enjoyment, while our cruise control function aids everyday driving.

Our competencies

Autonomous Cruise Control

Our Autonomous Cruise Control system enables the driver of any vehicle to relax, letting our technology monitor to analyse the vehicle's surroundings to guarantee their safety.

Driver Coach: your in-car AI performance mentor

Developed in-house, our unique Driver Coach program offers bespoke guidance and input to help the driver achieve their full potential on track. Through real-time visual, audio and direct feedback, the system is your personal in-car performance coach. Created as a flagship feature for our latest hypercar, the Nevera, a collection of 360-degree cameras and sensors in and outside the car monitor driver performance and evaluate it based on speed, steering, throttle, trajectory and braking, while continually suggesting ways to optimise the car's performance. While the programme is enjoyed by Nevera owners and drivers all around the world, the system can be tailored to other applications.

Product portfolio

Looking for data sheets, CAD files and more details on all our components? Browse our repository section to see the specs behind our hypercars and in-house technology.