Vehicle Systems

From configurable control units to full electrical automotive architecture, our understanding of vehicle systems is demonstrated in everything from our handcrafted hypercars to our numerous OEM projects and partnerships.

Vehicle Systems With experience in developing ultra-high performance hypercars and solutions for OEMs, our vehicle system solutions incorporate everything from full electrical automotive architecture and a range of sophisticated Electronic Control Units to Power Distribution Modules and Smart Key systems.

Each of these are designed and developed in-house for real world applications, enabling greater control over the core electrical systems – from the powertrain and cooling to the lights, infotainment, and access controls.

Our competencies

Full Electrical Architecture

Through the development of our ultra-high performance hypercar projects, we know the electronics and control units in a vehicle are just as critical as the drivetrain components themselves. We offer comprehensive electrical architecture solutions, which include some of the most technologically advanced electronics on the market, all developed in-house by our engineering experts.

Electronic control units

With a large power supply, advanced communication interface, and large range of inputs and outputs, our variety of ECUs can be configured to control a variety of parts in a vehicle including the powertrain, body, lights and cooling system.

Power Distribution Module

Our Power Distribution Module is used to control the power supply to every 12V and 48V electronic control unit or other low voltage electronic equipment in a vehicle.

Smart Key System

Our Smart Key System consists of a Smart Key Fob and a Smart Key Module. Both communicate through radio frequency signal (RF), using secure crypto communication on all levels, from RF to PEPS and CAN.

High voltage systems

From DC/DC converters to universal on-board chargers, our range of high voltage systems are core components for any electric vehicle. Designed for with ease of use in mind and engineered to give more control over the flow of power to the vehicle, our systems are developed to provide better, more advanced solutions than existing products on the market.

Product portfolio

Looking for data sheets, CAD files and more details on all our components? Browse our repository section to see the specs behind our hypercars and in-house technology.