Battery Technology

Bespoke battery solutions for the most demanding projects. Our battery technologies are highly integrated, all-in-one solutions designed in-house for a variety of applications and needs.

Battery Technology Rimac battery systems provide the highest power and energy density, engineered to be manufactured at high volume. Our experience is built up from over 10 years of developing high-performance batteries for over 30 different projects, commissioned by more than 10 global OEMs.

We offer full battery technology solutions based on our customer’s needs and wishes – from the idea to mass production. We take advantage of our in-house capabilities, with over 500 engineers and in-house testing capabilities to deliver the best solutions to our customers.

Rimac Hypercars are a perfect testbed for all of our new developments where we can “go wild” and test all new ideas, before rolling them out in higher volume projects for other OEMs.

Our Competencies

Cell R&D and Integration

Rimac is working with most major cell manufacturers. Being independent from the cell manufacturers, we will always choose the cell that is best for the given application, often working with the cell manufacturer to improve the cell for a specific application.

Through in-house modelling, we are also able to offer leading levels of cell integration efficiency for all our battery packs.

Multi-Use Module Design

We develop our battery modules to have multi-use designs, enabling maximum utilization of the component. Given that we do all engineering and development in-house, we use our competencies in thermal management development, simulations, and laser welding to provide durable module solutions to be integrated into every battery pack.

Industry-Leading Thermal Management

Thermal management is one of the greatest challenges in electric vehicle development. With focus on direct di-electric and cold-plate cooling systems, we offer industry-leading thermal management solutions so that every battery – from module to pack level – achieves ultimate sustained performance.

Complementary Components

Although the battery modules and pack are the main attraction, they do not act alone. This is why we have teams dedicated to the development of components which act alongside the battery itself, including battery management systems, power distribution units, and DC/DC converters.

Vehicle Integration

Rimac Technology is not only focused on optimizing our battery packs. We also dedicate our efforts to working with each of our clients to optimize our battery packs in a way which optimizes our customers’ vehicle packaging and performance.

Our Process

01 Battery Concept

In the first stage of a project, we work with the client to define all their requirements. We then take these requirements and come up with several potential concepts, working on each to define details such as cell selection and battery pack sizing, and running preliminary electrothermal performance simulations.

02 Concept Selection

Once we have come up with several concepts for the battery technology, we support the client in narrowing down and choosing the best option for their application, to then be further developed and manufactured.

03 Development

In the development process, our experts focus on all aspects across all levels of the battery. To start off, thorough cell and pack modelling is conducted in order to define basic yet crucial details of the battery. Our experts create a detailed CAD design of the battery for the development process. Vehicle modelling is also conducted, with feedback to the design process to help set further requirements. We make sure to keep the client updated, with regular feedback loops to ensure all development efforts are focused in the right direction.

04 Prototyping & Testing

Prototyping and testing are vital for making sure that everything is on the right track, and for further preparing the battery for production. In this phase, a series of scaled testing takes place, with focus on key areas such as thermal, electrical performance, and abuse testing.

05 Industrialization

In the industrialization process, our production planning team works on optimizing the manufacturing process and designing the production line so that the manufacturing process is as efficient and effective as possible. Key focus in this phase is on cost optimization.

06 Verification, Validation & Testing

Our experts put the battery through a variety of tests during the verification and validation phase in order to make sure that the battery is following the required standards, such as ASPICE. In this phase, special attention is given to systems engineering and functional safety.

07 Homologation & Certification

From experience in the development of the Nevera, we learned that homologation and certification are key processes that require a great deal of effort. This is why we take care of these processes ourselves for all our components, including our batteries, to prepare them for series production.

08 Series Production

Once all previous phases are successfully completed, the most-anticipated part of the process – series production of the battery can begin. All series production is conducted in our facilities in Croatia, by our experts. Our flexible manufacturing lines, equipped with the finest machinery such as vision-based laser welding systems for our modules, are capable of handling a wide spectrum of projects, systems, and annual production volumes of up to 100,000 units.

09 In-Life (In-Series) Support

Once the series production and deliveries have started, we continue by offering in-life support for the battery. We understand the implications of batteries degradation, and as part of the in-life support we offer Smart Degradation Support, to make sure all batteries meet their lifetime requirements.

Product portfolio

Looking for data sheets, CAD files and more details on all our components? Browse our repository section to see the specs behind our hypercars and in-house technology.